Aug 25 SD Tech Center 11am-2pm

           La Jolla Palms Apts 5-8pm

Aug 26 Cellar 3 Poway 4-8pm

Aug 29 High Bluff 11am-2pm

           Quartyard 5-8pm

Aug 30 Monte Vista Apts 5-8pm

Aug 31 Illumina 11am-2pm(private)

           Villas Renaissance 5-8pm



Sept 1 High Bluff 11am-2pm

           Torrey Ridge 5pm-8pm

Sept 4  Quartyard 11am-9pm

Sept 7  Villas Renaissance 5-8pm

Sept 8  High Bluff 11am-2pm

           Torrey Villas 5-8pm

Sept 9  Cellar 3 Poway  4-8pm

Sept 11 Quartyard 11am-9pm

Sept 12 Illumina 11am-2pm(private)

Sept 13 ICW 11am-2pm

            Vantage Pointe 5-8pm

Sept 14 India & B ST 11am-2pm

Sept 15 MCRD 11am-2pm

Sept 16 Cellar 3 Poway 4-8pm

Sept 20 Leidos 11am-2pm

            Del Rio Apts 5-8pm

Sept 21 Quartyard 11am-9pm

Sept 22 Carmel Mountain CC 3:30-9

Sept 23 The Village MV Apts 5-8pm

Sept 26 Illumina 11am-2pm(private)

Sept 27 ICW 11am-2pm

            Vantage Pointe 4-8pm

Sept 28 Quartyard 11am-9pm

Sept 29 SD Tech Center 11am-2pm

Sept 30 Leidos 11am-2pm

            Mikkeller Brewery 4-8pm

​Dates may change without notice

​Call to confirm any event dates